What I need from you:



-A link to your LinkedIn profile, work website, or an email from your verifiable work email. One or more of these is sufficient. 


-Your preferred411 code

Don't have one of these? Contact me to see if we can possibly find an alternate method, which will include either a work ID, pay stub+driver's license, or email from a valid university email. 

I do not accept provider references!

A provider reference is a recommendation from a  provider (escort, dominatrix, or erotic masseuse) vouching that you are a total gentleman. I usually don't accept provider references because that puts my safety into the hands into someone that I have never met (your reference). It can also be a lengthy and tedious process as it could take a while for your reference to reply, if they reply at all. In conclusion, I prefer to screen VIA employment to make it a very easy task to get you off of my phone and onto my massage table! I do not provide references to other providers as I will not disclose information to any third parties about clients.

Why do I have to screen?

There's a lot of undesirables in the world, and screening protects me from being in a vulnerable situation with such people. I am a professional that takes my profession and personal safety seriously. Not everyone that contacts me deserves an appointment; you must be a real person with verified employment and give transparency about your true identity. Screening keeps scammers, time wasters, and potentially dangerous clients away from my pleasure palace. Any sensitive information given by you to make an appointment will be destroyed after a successful session.  Your information is only to ensure that you are a real person with good intentions that is looking to have a blissful time. 

Screening also ensures the safety of my beloved regular clientele also, as they won't have any unscrupulous people knowing the location of my incall. 

I also have no issues with giving a provider reference to well-behaved clients that I have seen 2 or more times. If you choose not to screen, I have no problem with not seeing you. My well-being comes first! :)